Floor Plans for your Dream Home

Massive Open Spaces, Ample Brightness & Ventilation from All Sides… Enjoy discretion within the privacy of your home and glorious living; 24x7 Authenticated by IGBC Green Homes Gold Rating

With unhindered open spaces that envelope the Five Towers and a huge Lake in front, all apartments at SNN Clermont have ample cross ventilation, natural air and sunlight. Enhancing its bountiful natural surroundings, our International Architects, P&T, capitalized on the project’s distinct advantage, including in the plans, some of the most ingenious elements to enhance your living. Predominantly, the towers feature two apartments per floor for greater privacy and exclusivity. Furthermore, each apartment is designed to have windows and door angles uniquely positioned in a manner that it creates a natural flow of air and light into the entire living space of your home, all through the year!!

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