Team SNN & Their Core Values

Ramesh Agarwal, MD

‘Bengaluru is undoubtedly the most liveable city’

Bengaluru’s progression in the last three decades has been phenomenal and today, it is recognized as the most livable city in the country. From being a tranquil and laid back city to its transformation as the country’s IT hub has indeed brought about a sea change, making it a buzzing cosmopolitan. The shift in the ethnic mix given the influx of highly skilled, professional and varied population from across India and overseas makes Bengaluru one of the most sought after places to live in and hence a thriving real estate market. Sound Government policies, growing infrastructure, ample land parcels and conducive weather conditions are further reasons that make it the most favored place in the country.

Shah Sanjay, MD

‘With changing times, living standards must evolve, grow and be more relevant’

Aligning ourselves to the development works currently taking place in Bengaluru, at SNN we believe that we have an integral role to play in enhancing the living standards in the city. Today, residents of Bengaluru belong to diverse backgrounds and cultures. This has significantly influenced the city’s cosmopolitan nature, its flexibility and adaptability; thus adding to its dynamism. In keeping with our corporate philosophy of ‘Aspirations Fulfilled’, our projects are also diverse in scope and style to suit various changing lifestyle requirements and ultimately fulfilling the aspirations of our customers of owning their dream home.

Nitin Agarwal, Director

‘Maintaining ethics in our business is the underlying mantra in all we do’

In a tough and highly competitive industry like construction, what can indeed make one stand out is conformity to ethical business conduct. And this philosophy applies across all aspects of the business and one that we at SNN, strictly adhere to. Complying with every provision of the contract, complete transparency and accuracy in maintaining documentation; encouraging a culture of total compliance and ethical conduct among subcontractors and suppliers as well as placing stringent quality control and checks at various levels in the business ensures minimal errors and promotes confidence among all stakeholders.

Neelu Jain, Director

‘Commitment to on-time delivery and innovation in project design drive our success’

Since 1994, SNN Builders have made great strides in changing the lifestyle of Bengalureans. Having understood the core philosophy behind comfortable living, we have been innovating constantly to give our customers the best. We take pride in our successful journey which we attribute to our stringent focus on numerous factors such as our professional team, quality workmanship, effective financial management, good subcontractors, regular customer communication, integrity in business and moreover, ensuring that projects are consistently completed and delivered on time.

Shivshankar Bhat, Director

‘The magic lies in a shared vision for each project’

Having made significant progress in the residential construction industry, we at SNN believe that the traditional approach to success still holds good – emphasis on accurate planning and execution of projects. While a successful project is defined by on-time completion, backed by working within established budgets and quality standards, we at SNN believe that management practices and organizational stability make all the difference. A consensus among the top management and a unified vision for technological and business growth is critical for a company to truly succeed.

Nikhil Agarwal, Director

‘We maintain focus on cutting edge building tech’

The growth of new technologies in the construction industry have had significant impact on process and quality of construction and these will continue to promote the evolution of the business in future as well. New methodologies will impact composition of the workforce, requiring new and diverse skill sets as well as continued training programmes. At SNN, we maintain a forecast of new technologies and trends in construction and study their impact on our business while continuing to undertake new training methods necessary for upskilling of our workforce. As new efficiency codes continue to come into force, new construction technologies also continue to evolve.

Ashish Bandhari, Director

‘Our engineers are great analytic thinkers and effective crisis managers’

At SNN, we have prioritized roles of each vital segment and the one that has critical impact on our projects is the role of the civil engineer. Having to lead a diverse team of professionals, the civil engineer’s leadership skills is a significant determining factor in keeping a project on time and within budget. Hence we believe that analytical thinking is a prerequisite and the most important quality of a good civil engineer. As they are often confronted with complex problems, their ability to identify the most reasonable approach as well as effectively and accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of possible solutions goes a long way in managing the construction process effectively.

Srinivasan, CEO.

‘Sustainability is at the core of our CSR’

At SNN, we have a strong belief in corporate social responsibility (CSR). With a school under our sponsorship and many health awareness related camps being organized throughout the year, we have adopted an integrated approach to ensure that sustainability lies at the core of our CSR activities. We firmly believe that development should cater to the needs of the present without compromising the ability of our future generations to meet their own needs. For effective implementation of our CSR, we have formed a committee that oversees the systematic development of processes that deliver their proposed value and this includes developing CSR strategies and executing them based on an institutional mechanism.

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